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September 2019
A Year Of Change
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October 2020
Well, 2020 has turned out to be... different. In all the craziness, we've neglected to keep this section of the website updated, so here's a big one year of change update. We've moved the veg room around a bit, bought a new cloner, and have been hard at work testing new products and running new strains. Right now the room is full of Agent Orange, Black Afghani, one of our testers called Enter The Dragon, Island Sweet Skunk, Kineo's Lights, and Chem D. We're going to be working the Enter The Dragon tester out to at least F3 before it's ready for release The Skunk, Lights and Chem are going to be used in the creation of 2 new strains in dedication to Kineo, our beloved pup who passed away in August; K-Dog and Kineo's Kronic. The flower room has seen some major changes over the past year. We have removed one of our T5 lights, totally shut down our HPS, swapped our Platinum LED to our breeding room, and purchased 3 new LED lights. We picked up a 4 x Optic 1, which is 4 single bulbs that can be placed anywhere. We now have a Hyperlite Groplanner light in the center of the room, and a Spiderfarmer covering the outside edge of the room. We still have one T5 for the newly transitioned plants, but otherwise we have gone all LED. And we have seen better light penetration and higher yields since making the switch. Our buds have become more solid all the way to the bottom, and we have less fluff to deal with. Midnight Sky F4s are being made right now for restock, our free PTSD strain Rewire is getting ready to finish, we're F2ing a future strain, Great White Ninja, for continued stabilization. Smoke Alarm F4s are being made for restocking! Lots of breeding projects happening in both rooms. We are also really proud of our 2 new hybrid strains, Cirtus Explosion and Iron Man. The Iron Man is a dream for people needing help sleeping, and Citrus Explosion is a blast of tart, old school tangerine orange flavor from the 80s.

 There's a lot more coming from Kineo's Genetics so keep watching.
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