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2019 Has been a CRAZY year! We apologize for the lack of updates here on the site, but if you follow us on Instagram, you haven't missed a thing anyway! There's been a lot of breeding and testing going on with Team Kineo's this year. We've got 6 strains out in testing, and 3 more on their way really soon. Smoke Alarm and Midnight Sky are nearing release. There are some great plants cycling through the rooms right now. We just harvested 2 Smoke Alarms that definitely live up to the name; loud enough to set off the smoke alarms! We have some Cry Baby's flowering now, and are just flipping the first of our Chem Dog ladies to flower. The last of our Midnight Sky's have been harvested and dried. She is a beauty for sure. Some of her phenos are such a deep purple it's unbelievable. And her green pheno, is a monster producer. We have a couple Space Dog's from a tester of ours, along with some Kineo's Lights as well, stacking on beautifully. Over in veg, there are a few Chem Dog's hanging on. The rest of the room looks like landrace heaven though! Panama Red x Columbian Gold bred by our friend Accrescent Apothecaries are getting big. We have some Jamaican Lambs Bread shooting for the sky too! We just planted some baby Morrocan Hashplant seedlings as well, and they are happy and healthy. These strains are going to be fun to play around with in the future!
Happy Harvest 2019 to all you outdoor growers! 
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